Manifestations of Yaya is an artist-centered healing initiative created by interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, and performer Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle. It is geared towards providing holistic services for creatives and people from all walks of life to receive clarity on their paths for using their art and abilities to heal and empower themselves and each other. 

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About Me

 I am an interdisciplinary, visual artist, writer, performer and professor that creates multiple bodies of work concerned with the intersections of healing historical trauma, politics, and hierarchies of power. I am interested in not defining what my art is but what my art has the power to do. It is my belief that some of the earliest artists were shamans and healers and that we still carry on these traditions and abilities, in which we work with the unseeable/unknowable in order to speak truth to power and to bring about societal transformation and change. I am interested in what the intersections of art and healing have the power to do in relationship to removing blockages, developing boundaries, creating work that speaks to dismantling hegemony, racism, sexism, ableism, LGBTQIA+ advocacy, anti-Blackness and helping to create rituals that will act as catalyst to enable my clients to become their best selves. 


 Since I was a little girl I have always been hypersensitive to energies from my external environments. I am clairaudient/clairvoyant meaning that I can hear and see things that others may not be able to and I use these skills within my art practice and research in order to bring about elevation, primarily for Black Womxn who have been disappeared and erased. I have been on an intense internal healing journey for the past 15 years since leaving my hometown of Louisville, KY. My journey has lead me down the paths to learning Usui Reiki in 2012 and Naturopathic Reiki II in 2017 and in 2020 I became a certified Naturopathic Reiki Master. I also have extensive knowledge of healing stones. Prior to my reiki journey I started reading tarot (2007-). Being a diviner lead me to not only develop tools to be able to help myself but I realized that I can also help others. 


 I travel throughout the United States and abroad constantly collecting new perspectives and alternatives to healing concepts and modalities. I am interested in working with artists, activists, curators, and people within the creative sector for I believe that our roles are healers and often I wonder who will heal the healers. My philosophy is that if I can help to heal the healers within our society and people who speak truth to power, I will in return, heal hundreds of others through the transference of energy, love and care.  

-Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle/Olomidara Yaya

Fern Plant

My Experience

Artist as Healer-Healer as Artist

 Reiki Healing 

 2012 - 

 June 2012- Usui Shiki Royoho system of Reiki (Reiki I)


July 2017 Naturopathic Reiki II that allows me to do distant healing for the past, present and future. 


August 2020 Naturopathic Reiki Master III

Tarot Readings

Art & Healing Workshops


I have been reading tarot for the past 13 years with an emphasis on providing readings for people who have to work creatively with others such as: artists, curators, activists, and people who work in the non-profit sector. I am interested in expanding this focus to people from various backgrounds and career paths.

I have been leading workshops and conversations around social justice, art, grieving and healing and collaborating with organizations who use art and healing to help with surviving assault and various forms of abuse.  


Mountain Sunset

"Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them."

-Annette Messager
My Services
Healing Touch Therapy_1

Tarot Readings

Reiki Treatment


& Distance Healing



Natal Chart Consultations



Jacob Broussard, Artist

The clarity and guidance provided by Kenyatta  came to me during a very transformative time, not only in my creative work but in my life; her ability to foreground certain problems and provide tactile empowering solutions and clarity gave me the courage to trust myself and ultimately lead to later successes


Catalina Ouyang, Artist

My reading with Kenyatta changed my life, unequivocally. I am not given to hyperbole but I say this with full conviction. When we met I was a broken person inundated with rage and need. I was (and remain) a low key skeptic, fully secular and existential in my upbringing, but with a brimming desire to believe in some ancient and mysterious energy behind the fraught lives of beings in this world and others, and Kenyatta had me sold! Kenyatta's reading brought me temporarily into her world, lush with plant growth, music, joy and resilience. It felt as though she knew things about me that extended far past the hot Floridian library we sat in, across many times and spaces. Kenyatta's words nudged open a door for me at the end of the airless pathway I had been traveling through, and though we were not sure what exactly the other side would look like, we knew that there would be fire, reprisal and a meaningful life afterward. Kenyatta helped me to believe this and run towards it. 

Tiffany Smith, Artist

I came to know Kenyatta through our participation in a professional conference on the other side of the world, so it seems fitting that my first reading with her would be a long distance one. I'd recently begun to study tarot myself, inspired in large part by a "Ms. Cleo Power Deck" that a friend gifted me, and received a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and insight from Kenyatta that helped me to begin my journey with the tarot. The resources she shared helped me to gain a base understanding of tarot interpretation and begin a practice of self reading as a method of learning tarot intimately, relying on both knowledge and intuition. 


Being greased up and primed to be open to the universe in this way, and despite being on opposite coasts, our first reading was such a powerful one. We spoke for three hours, dang! She read me ya'll. In the very best and most necessary way. Tarot isn't about pulling magic from the universe to will things into existence as much as it is about holding a mirror up to yourself and challenging yourself to face what's there, for better or worse. Kenyatta's honest and straight forward, yet deeply intuitive and empathetic approach helped to lead me to a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the reading and the tarot itself and as a fellow artist, I found her ability to incorporate the intersections of art, life, and art life profoundly helpful.


I'm still working through that reading and continue to consult Kenyatta for advice as I learn to read tarot on my own. I've got some work to do before I go back for another big reading from her, cause now I know ain't none of them demons gonna hide nowhere. Trust and believe.

I taste in my natural appetite The  Bond of LivE things Everywhere

-Lucille Clifton

Photo by Ethan Bagley 2017

Impromptu reiki session for Murphy Bierman, from The Rehumanization Project at 18th Street Art Center during my Artist Lab residency. 



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