ART & Healing Workshops

Kenyatta A.C Hinkle has over 15 years of experience working with community arts and socially engaged projects and initiatives. Hinkle leads/facilitates workshops with institutions, organizations, and groups that are focused on the intersections of art, activism, grieving, healing, and empowerment. The following workshops are examples of events that she has had in the past that focused on raising awareness, building a support network to help with the grieving process for historical and current trauma(s), combating erasure and to help develop tactics for continuing to do the work of the artist, activist, social worker, healer etc. Workshop offerings take on various configurations. The workshops below are some summaries of ongoing workshop offerings.

Unghosting The Ghosted


This call to action brings together artists, activists, advocates, and policymakers whose work directly addresses the disappearance of Black women and girls through the current sex trafficking trade in the Bay Area and beyond. Through highlighting and amplifying the work that is already being done, we hope to explore how the intersection of art and activism can inspire action and collaboration moving forward.

If We Must Die: Conversations about Grieving, Social Justice, Healing and Creating 


The title “If We Must Die” is inspired by Claude McKay’s poem of the same title written in 1919. In the summer of 2016 after the death of Sandra Bland and the Charleston Massacre Hinkle called together artists and friends to unpack, heal and grieve.


The workshop focuses on shared tactics, recipes for self-care and bringing awareness on a local and global scale for this moment in time. The workshops are built around the following interrogations:


 How are we all collectively and individually processing current tragic events related to police brutality, hate crimes and global issues concerning injustice?


How does it inform our daily work and living practices?


What are some strategies and plans that we can share for moving forward through these challenging times?




Navigating the Historical Present



 A two-part studio- and group-discussion-based workshop in which participants will indulge, experiment and engage with facets of Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle’s practice that involve interventions upon historical documents and hegemonic single narratives that dominate the collective and personal identities of people labeled as Other. This workshop will serve as a catalyst of critical engagement around the concepts of power and who has the ability to authorize a single narrative about one group of individuals and the ensuing dangers that can arise from the abuses of power within our global society in the past, present, and future.