Artist Consultations


Restorative Creative Sessions

1:1 Sessions with Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle


So often creatives can experience undue anguish concerning how they are navigating their creative paths or lack thereof. Hinkle/Yaya is interested in moving beyond traditional studio visits to creating an experience that can excite and inspire creatives. Each session focuses on restoring your relationship with your own creative practice and beyond.

Much emphasis will be placed on reconfiguring the language we use to describe ourselves and our art and how to combat feeling stuck in the studio.

These sessions are perfect if you are seeking someone outside of academic affiliations to give you feedback about a thesis project, upcoming exhibition and/or a commission, in order to help you push a project forward. 


We offer 1-2 hour sessions via phone, virtually or in-person if in proximity. You can book a one-time session, bi-weekly, or once a month for project support. We also offer 45 min studio visits for academic settings and beyond. 


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Holistic Portfolio Development

1:1 Consultation with Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle


Hinkle/Yaya is frequently contacted to provide insight for developing a portfolio for graduate school consideration, grant applications, and various other opportunities that require an experienced fresh set of eyes. Manifestations of Yaya decided to offer this as a bonus service due to high demand. You can book a 1-hour session for a portfolio consultation that is aimed to dig into what it means to represent your best version of yourself on your terms and also how a jury will view and determine your eligibility for opportunities. Oftentimes editing is the hardest part and there is no exact formula for what to choose when applying for opportunities. Manifestations of Yaya will help you view your entire portfolio and artist statement holistically in order to discuss what this opportunity means for your whole path moving forward so we can develop a strategy and plan of action that will help you with every opportunity that you apply for that will be in alignment with your highest good. 


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Performance Consultations

1:1 Consultation with Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle


When creatives feel compelled to  engage with components of their individual and collective relationships to history within the realm of performance/ritual it can be daunting, scary, confusing, and unsettling. So much of performance work is building up courage and deeply contemplating the relationship between being a vessel/channel and what they want to convey to the people who are witnessing the channeling.


For the first time ever Manifestations of Yaya is offering performance construction help and support to help creatives. Performances can be private or public, have a production budget or completely impromptu actions. Hinkle/Yaya will help you to hold space for your ideas, concerns ans explorations. We are so excited to help your performance work to shift from being an internal dialogue into an external one. 



Artists Introductions Nationally & Internationally


Are you feeling isolated within your creative community? Do you feel like what you are doing or focusing on requires the support and engagement of peers to help you take the next steps within a project or body of work? Creative circles can be extremely insular and it can be very hard to meet like-minded people no matter how many openings you attend, retreats you go to or how much you "put yourself out there". One of our joys and missions at Manifestation of Yaya is being a bridge to connect artists with each other nationally and internationally. Not everyone has the resources or the capabilities to attend much-coveted residencies etc. Over the years Manifestations of Yaya has been compiling a curated database of artists who are interested in being connected with other artists via studio visits, collaborations or to do a services swap. If you are interested in joining the database or receiving a consultation for who you should be connected with book a session!



Art [Mama] Intensive:   

Creatives as Parents

Quarterly 3-6 Week Course


How do you balance and maintain a creative practice while being a parent?


This topic is rarely discussed within the art world and beyond and so often creatives who are parents feel like they are not acknowledged or made to believe that their child will be a burden to their career paths. Being an arist parent is not easy by any means but we are here to offer consultations for how you can deepen your creative practice and be a parent at the same time. We will discuss healing blockages and obstacles to your creative time, setting up a shared workspace with your kids if possible, negotiating residency time, being a single parent, and developing an extended village to support you and your child. You will learn about all of the shining moments and mistakes Hinkle/Yaya has made along the way and be linked with other artist parents to form even more support with your endeavors.