Manifest the creative life you want to have through redefining our collective relationships to history and hegemonic beliefs concerning what creativity is and can become. Everyone is a healer and creative. How do we access parts of ourselves that have been usurped? How do we honor historical trauma and also create a space to listen and utilize non-Western traditions and belief systems in order to retrieve ourselves and to build the world that we want to thrive in? Manifestations of… is a podcast of retrieval. How does one retrieve hxrself in the face of adversity and an ever-changing world? Host and founder Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle (Olomidara Yaya) is an award-winning interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, performer, and healer. She is the founder of Manifestations of Yaya, a project that aims to help creatives activate catalysts for their own healing and the transformation of others.